Whether you are an experienced Field Interviewer or new to this unique field, knowledge and understanding of the profession is the first step to being great at your job. AICS offers the information and preparation that are key to reaching your potential as a Field Interviewer.

Initially, new hires attend a 5 day paid training in Philadelphia to learn how to competently and confidently administer the questionnaire. Classroom training is invaluable and personal attention is the focus of all our trainings. We keep the class size small, no more than four to six Trainees, to ensure the training experience can be tailored to class’ needs. We always have a number of talented staff on hand to actively assist during the training and learning process.

We offer a comprehensive training program throughout a Field Interviewer’s career beyond the initial training class. This includes additional classroom trainings, one on one phone trainings and training in the field.

Once you’re secure in your understanding of the job and the challenges you will face, subsequent training sessions are more skill based and personalized. The focus is on creating strategies, being organized and gaining cooperation. These sessions give you practical knowledge as well as real-world advice that will increase your chances of completing your assignments with a high level of success.


Developing your innate strengths and building your confidence in your abilities is our job—one that we take seriously.

Our training staff also works in the field with Interviewers, offering important side-by-side guidance to newer and experienced team members. Trainers are always accessible by phone or email to answer questions that may arise or to offer advice. In addition to the support offered by our trainers, you will be paired with a mentor who will be available from day 1 to share her experiences and strategies for becoming a successful Field Interviewer. Our caring and professional corporate staff and other experienced Interviewers are at the ready—willing and able to give you the tips and assistance you require to grow and succeed with AICS.

Field Interviewing is not a solitary career! With the preparation, training and support offered by AICS, you feel our commitment to you from day one.

Want to learn more about our personal, comprehensive training programs? Talk to one of our Staffing Associates today! Our offices are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm est. Call 1-800-298-9837 to reach the Recruiting department.