You are a go-getter who is looking for something new. You have a flexible schedule and would love to travel and meet new people.

Use your dynamic personality to make a difference. The data we collect is shared with many of the nation's largest manufacturers and service providers with the goal to positively impact the products and services YOU and the respondent use every day. This includes the newspapers and magazines you read, the TV you watch, the radio you listen to, and the products you buy. The American Institute of Consumer Studies has been gathering consumer opinions for over 20 years by personally interviewing people in more than 25,000 households all across America each year. We’re looking for high-energy candidates to help gather this information as Field Interviewers. Interested?

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We Are a National Leader in Public Opinion Research

To gather the opinions of consumers, our staff of over 100 Field Interviewers visit households throughout the continental U.S. to conduct personal interviews. At our headquarters, a support staff of highly dedicated individuals works to ensure that those who are interviewed are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism during their interview.


Key Benefits

It’s More Than Just A Job.

travel-icon Travel

Visit different cities and states. Experience local culture. Earn travel rewards while working.

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hands-icon Meet People

Door to door work is unique and rewarding. Touch the lives of people you encounter.

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watch-icon Flexible Hours

Balance is possible. Create your own schedule and determine the hours you want to work.

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Earning Potential

Paid travel expenses. Production incentives allow you to control what you earn.

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What People Are Saying:

“Jill was friendly.  Great communication skills.  Everyone in the building liked her.”

“Laurinda was very pleasant and engaging.  I would not have done the interview otherwise.”

“Lucas was very professional and personable.  He was good at his job.  He seemed happy.”

“Judy was wonderful.  She kept my interest in the interview.”

“I liked Lisa’s gentle approach.  She was such a nice person and was not pushy at all.  She stated what she needed and I was happy to comply.  I don’t like solicitors, I usually turn them away, but she had such a nice way about her.  I decided to do it for her, and turns out she wasn’t soliciting but giving me money!”

“I probably wouldn’t have done it if Sheree wasn’t so nice.  I know she had a job to do and I wanted to help her.  She was very personable, kind, and appreciative.”

“I really enjoyed meeting Christine.  She is a lovely person.  She wasn’t pushy to get in the door.  Something about her was very calming.  I was impressed.”

“Lisa was a very nice lady.  She was easy to talk to and by the time she left, we were laughing!”

“Your company is well represented by J’son!  He helped relieve my stress that I’m dealing with (my wife is in the hospital).  A lot of people who knock on your door are a pain, but it was a pleasure to talk to him.  He did a great job.  I feel privileged he knocked on my door.”

“Marion was very nice and personable.  We talked about the different magazines I read and she was really interested in what I was saying.  There’s not one negative thing I could say.”

“I was skeptical, but Larry laid out everything very nicely.  He couldn’t have been nicer.  Doing the interview with him was a pleasant experience.”

“The time flew!  Billie was very thorough and she couldn’t have been nicer.”

“I normally wouldn’t do something like this, but Mackenzie was really great.  I saw her going to all the houses in the neighborhood, working hard.  She was a sweetheart and a good representative for your company.”

“Tracy was very courteous and professional.  She was helpful and very patient when explaining the process and doing the survey.”

“Annie was the nicest person I’ve ever met in my life.  Super easy to talk to and understand.  Her presence lit up my day.”

“Spending time with Kathy was just fabulous.  What a neat personality! She didn’t pressure me, and did a great job.”

“Heather gets high marks for professionalism.  She was great.  Very nice and patient.”

“I hope Sharon comes to visit us if she is ever in the neighborhood again! She was professional and very nice.  Just a fabulous person.”

“It took longer than I expected, but I didn’t mind.  Jerrone was really nice and you could feel his sincere interest in doing a good job.”

“Chantell was so nice, it made me want to participate.  She explained everything to me and how to fill out the booklet.”

“Gloria was very sweet and I was so happy to have someone as nice as her show up at my door.  She is a wonder representative for your company.”

“Miles is the most amazing person.  He is very good at what he does.  He is very polite and funny, and not push.  He made me feel very comfortable.”

“Mary Lou was really nice.  I really liked her and introduced her to my neighbor to help her get another interview and they have become friends!”

“Consuela’s upbeat personality kept my attention during the interview.  She was very polite and professional.”

“Rick is great at this job.  Very pleasant and efficient.  I enjoyed his company.”

“Denise was polite, gracious, and pleasant.  She made the interview nice to do.”