At AICS, we believe that the more you know about the role you’re considering, the more prepared and successful you will be.

Here, we’ve provided some options to help prospective candidates understand what makes being a Field Interviewer so unique and appealing.

Reading a job description is the way most candidates learn about a position. But sometimes, there’s much more to a career than an advertisement or a job posting can convey.

In this section, we’ve provided access to one of our radio spots and, an engaging 8 minute video titled, “It’s More Than Just a Job.”

Take a few minutes to hear and see what we and our current Field Interviewers think you’ll love most about a career with AICS.

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• video


Congratulations on 20 years with AICS!


Happy 20 year Anniversary to Field Interviewers: Pamela H., Sandy G., Dee V., Larry O., Sandy D., Ruthann C., Linda P., Karen E., Patsy D., Linda N., Sandy B., Jan H., Kelly K., and Jill W. We are all so thankful for your many contributions over the years!!