At AICS, we believe that the more you know about the role you’re considering, the more prepared and successful you will be.

As an AICS Field Interviewer, you get many advantages like paid travel, highly revered training, production incentives, supportive team members, variable hours, and sometimes adventure!

But there are also other realities of the job to consider…

You work alone.  (Great for people who really enjoy their own company!)

While not every assignment requires travel, most do.  This means driving or flying out of state for 2 consecutive week each month.  Can you be away from family and friends and on your own for 2 weeks?

Areas visited are pre-selected and assigned sight unseen.  How comfortable are you walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods and knocking on doors?

Each household will have a pre-designated respondent.  You will need to screen for eligibility and can only interview one person at each address. Are you comfortable going back to refusals?

You must genuinely like people and be able to gain their cooperation at the door to participate in this very important study.   If you are someone who takes rejection personally, this is not for you!

Excellent time management and organizational skills are needed. While the interviews are mostly done on a tablet, there is paperwork that must be done every day. Are you detail oriented?

Daily calls to a Supervisor are often necessary to provide status updates.  Are you highly communicative?

Reading verbatim is required and quality data must be collected EVERY time. Period.

Is Field Interviewing the right career for you?