Why I like my job

I like my job because of the flexible hours. I do not do well in a 9-5 scenario. I also like the fact that I am able to travel and see different parts of the U.S. while meeting different people.


Biggest challenge

It is funny that the things that make me like my job are also part of my biggest challenges. I have a flexible schedule which is great but I also have to make sure that I am consistently getting my work done.  I enjoy traveling but sometimes I am ready to get home to my family and a lot of traveling can be a challenge.


What my work week is like

The first few days of an assignment I will split the days focusing mostly in the morning to catch the “day people” at home and evenings to catch the people not home during the day.


Key to success

In this field you have to have an open mind, be flexible and open to suggestions. Everyone will have bad days…but get those out of the way and don’t give up so the good ones can come.


Favorite part of my day

My favorite part of day is when I am interviewing a person that I really click with; we have a good time.


What I like about the company

I like the fact that the company wants to see you succeed, are not afraid to try new things, and implement new strategies to promote growth.


Advice for someone thinking about a career in field interviewing

My advice would be to be yourself!! To really like people, listen and do the best you can.



I have a varied background.  I originally was a missionary and right before becoming a Field Interviewer I was in wedding gown sales.