Why I like my job

I have flexibility with where I live and work.  Plus, I get to meet a variety of people every day. I touch their lives and they touch mine.


Biggest challenge

Finding people at home can often be challenging. You have to pay attention to the neighborhood and work the area when people are there.


What my work week is like

I visit the areas I am assigned and see who I can find at home. If I have exhausted all possibilities, I go to my next area and do the same thing.  Then, I go back when I know people will be there.


Key to success

You have to have a positive attitude and genuinely like people in order to be successful.


Favorite part of my day

Traveling to new places and meeting people. You never know who you will meet.


What I like about the company

The staff is wonderful and friendly. Working remotely, I have all the support and help needed available by phone.


Advice for someone thinking about a career in field interviewing

This is a challenging job but a rewarding one. You must be a self-starter and someone who enjoys your own company.



I have been working with AICS for 20 years on the same study.  I can’t imagine doing anything besides this.


Favorite Story

Once I knocked on a door after driving a half mile up the driveway.  I smelled this incredible meal being cooked. I knocked on the door and was invited in for dinner.  The whole family was there. I got 3 interviews because they lived at different addresses where I was supposed to visit.  That doesn’t happen every day, but it was pretty awesome and a lot of fun.