Who We Are

The American Institute of Consumer Studies or AICS is a national leader in consumer research.  Every year for more than 20 years, we personally interview 25,000 consumers across the United States for our largest and most recognized study, the Survey of the American Consumer.

We have extensive training sessions for our Field Interviewers and work to ensure that those who are interviewed are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism during their interview.

If you have been selected to participate in this year’s Survey of the American Consumer, we encourage you to meet with one of our interviewers and let your opinions be heard.

We are available to answer any questions you may have about our company or about the survey itself.

Click on our Day in the Life section to get to know some of our Field Interviewers.


What We Do

We do the research but…YOU make the difference.  Consumer research plays a critical role in the design, development, advertising and marketing of the products and services you buy, in the content of the newspapers and magazines you read, and in the programs you watch on television and listen to on the radio.

The results of the study are used by major corporations to make their products better reflect the needs and preferences of the American consumer.

Who do we interview?
Our selection process is very simple. Participants’ addresses are chosen randomly from public records. When our interviewer visits the household selected, they verify that they have come to the right address and then select a person from the household to be interviewed.

Each participant will receive a CASH GIFT.  Individual opinions are combined with others — anonymously — and used to produce a statistical study.

Importance of your participation
Your opinions are important to us because they will be representative of households in your area. Only a handful of households are selected to participate each year.  That’s why our interviewers talk to people in all occupations, in big cities, small towns, villages and farms. We want to know about the magazines and newspapers you read, the TV programs you watch, the radio stations you listen to, and the products you prefer.


Where We Are

The American Institute of Consumer Studies is headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, 15 miles northwest of Philadelphia and is registered with the Better Business Bureau of the greater Mid-Atlantic region and is proud to have an A+ rating.




If you have questions, please contact us at 800-442-0925 or visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

What People Are Saying:

“Santos was a really good guy.  Completely professional.  If someone comes to my door, I normally push them away, but not him.  He treated me professionally.  If I could give him a medal, I would.”

“Gloria was delightful and very personable.  She seemed like she loved her job and it was the best interview I ever did.”

“Charlene was very sweet, inviting, and nice.  I normally do not give out information, but Charlene’s peppy personality is why I let her stay and do the interview.”

“Ken was very nice and pleasant.  A pleasure to speak with.”

“Michelle is such a nice person.  I just got off from work and was so tired but she was so sweet and patient.  We sat outside on the porch.  She is very good at her job.”

“Humberto was friendly and professional.  A very nice man.  I do not let just anyone into my home.  He was wonderful.”

“Alejandra was friendly and knowledgeable.  A very patient and nice lady.  She interviewed me as I was preparing dinner.”

“Wanda was friendly, sociable, and kind.  She understood the needs of our community.”