Why do you want to interview me?

We value your opinions. Your preferences are representative of households like yours. That’s why, every year our interviewers talk to more than 25,000 people —people in all occupations, in big cities, small towns, villages and farms. We want to know about the things you read, the TV programs you watch, the radio stations you listen to and the products you prefer.

How will my opinions be used?

Your opinions will be combined with others —anonymously— and used to produce a statistical study.  Data is used to help companies make their publications, programs, and products  more responsive to your needs and interests. Only through your participation can products and services you use be improved.

Do you use my name and address?

No. Your name and address will never appear in any reports or be given to anyone. Your answers will be combined with those of more than 25,000 people strictly in statistical form.

Will my name go on a mailing list?

No. We don’t sell names.

What kinds of questions will you ask me?

Questions like this —What’s your favorite TV show? What’s your favorite radio station? Which newspapers and magazines do you read? What brand of shampoo do you buy? It’s fun and interesting.

Will I get a telephone call after my interview?

We will call to verify that our interviewer did visit you, was polite, professional, and treated you well. We also want to make sure that the interviewer gave you the Cash Gift you were promised.

How was I chosen to participate in the study?

Your address, and those of some of your neighbors, was randomly selected using public records. In order to make our study complete, we gather opinions from households all across the continental United States.

How long will my interview last?

Since we value your time as much as we value your opinions, our interviewers are trained to conduct your interview as quickly as possible.

May I choose a specific time for my interview?

Absolutely. Let us know and we’ll have your interviewer contact you directly to make arrangements that are most convenient for you.

Will I have to let a stranger into my home?

No. The interview may be conducted on a front porch or in your backyard. Or, if you’d be more comfortable elsewhere, ask the interviewer to meet you at a nearby coffee shop or other convenient location.

Who can I call at AICS to get answers to my other questions?

Feel free to ask the interviewer who is visiting your neighborhood any questions. And, of course, you may contact our corporate office Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST. You can reach us toll free at 1.800.442.0925.