Why I like my job

The travel, the flexibility and the people! I get to go somewhere new every month. I make friends with people and often keep in touch with hotel staff and respondents. I create my own work environment and am able to visit friends and family while on assignment.


Biggest challenge

Remembering what time zone I am in!


What my work week is like

My work week fluctuates significantly, depending on the assignment, the weather, the time of year, and so forth. Typically, I begin by visiting each area I am assigned at least once. I usually break up my day and work different times of the day.  If an area is quiet and no one is home, I will visit another area or take a break and come back in the evening when people will be home.


Key to success

Persistence, Resourcefulness, Patience, Tolerance, and Competence. Get an interview anywhere, anytime whenever the respondent is willing. Remember you are the face of the company.


Favorite part of my day

When I receive teary-eyed hugs goodbye from respondents who say they will miss seeing me in the neighborhood. I have a lot of new pen pals because of this job!


What I like about the company

We are one big family. There is always someone to call to celebrate a phenomenal day of interviewing or for support on the days that do not go so well.


Advice for someone thinking about a career in field interviewing

Expect to work hard but don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way. Look forward to a unique working environment that allows you to determine your own schedule, see a variety of places, and interact with people on a daily basis. Never underestimate the value of communication.



I have a B.S. in Interpersonal and Public Communications.  I had three years of experience as a clinical marketing liaison in the healthcare industry prior to becoming a Field Interviewer.  I also have my own business as a fitness trainer and nutritionist.