Why I like my job

Each day is different. I enjoy the travel and meeting people from all walks of life.  I like seeing new things and going to new places… and accumulating hotel points!


Biggest challenge

The biggest challenge is catching people at home.


What my work week is like

Usually mornings are for personal time.  I might visit a local attraction then have a late lunch or early dinner.  I make sure I am out in the field during “prime time” which is late week day afternoons and evenings and weekend afternoons.


Key to success

Be persistent.  Find your own style when approaching homes.  Visit hard to contact people on weekends.  Don’t get discouraged with refusals.  Some people wouldn’t do it even if Dick Clark was standing at the door.


Favorite part of my day

The end of a multi-interview day is always good.


What I like about the company

Flexible work and travel scheduling.  Providing valuable information to help businesses better serve customers like you and me.


Advice for someone thinking about a career in field interviewing

Can be a rewarding experience if you like the independence of setting your own schedule and enjoy your own company.  You have to be a self-starter.



I worked for a company that was also in the data collection business and made personal visits to home to collect data.


Favorite Story

I climbed a 10ft snow drift to get to a house near Fargo, North Dakota.  Once I got in the house I found out his pipes had froze, but we did the interview anyway despite the unpleasant conditions.